Large Jade and Silver Necklace with macrame cord


I have sourced this piece from an Artisan Jewellery maker on my travels in the Far East.
I  hand picked this Artist for their beautiful creativity and connection to their product and have employed a fair-trade ethos when purchasing their wares.

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Large Jade and Silver Necklace with macrame cord lovingly handcrafted in Thailand.

This is a unique piece of Jewellery that I had the silver mount commissioned for, once I had found this lovely piece of Jade.
The Silver mount is 92.5% pure hand made from an Artisan silver jeweler although it doesn’t have a stamp.

Meaning of Jade stone –
Jade is part of the green colour ray, the most lush and verdant shade of green, a colour that reflects growth and vitality. It is also a stone that stands for wealth and longevity. And it’s not all about the money – the Jade crystal healing properties instill prosperity in every aspect of your life, guiding you to lead a richer, more fulfilling existence. After all, money can only buy so much happiness, but with the help of your Jade, you can thrive and flourish in all areas of your life.

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 3 × 0.8 cm

Large Green Jade and Silver Pendant


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